Golden Princess: Alaska, 6-2013 EPISODE TWO – Cruise Cardinal

Here’s episode TWO of that pesky Cruise Cardinal’s Golden Princess cruise. We headed out of Seattle to Alaska on a 7-day turnaround. This cruise took place in early June, 2013. This episode centers on the diverse entertainment options you have on board the Golden Princess.

Of course, cruise lines are different, and each cruise ship differs on each cruise line – but all offer many interesting, fun and exciting things to do. You can pretty much do ANYTHING or NOTHING, depending on what YOU want!

In this episode, the Cruise Cardinal visits some interesting places onboard. Lounges are hidden throughout the ship – some are easy to get to and are crowded, while some are out of the way and easily can be missed. Of course, a visit to the main theatre and the casino are highlighted – and that bird shows you a teaser of the dining choices you have onboard.

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