Holland America Statendam: Panama Canal, 3-2013 EPISODE TWO – Cruise Cardinal

The Cruise Cardinal is still cruising onboard the Holland America Statendam, on the Panama Canal run in March 2013. The Statendam ship is a small one when compared with the latest cruise ships, but she’s still a majestic ship with plenty to offer either a seasoned cruiser or a newbie.

This episode of Cruise Cardinal highlights a few of the things that are good about the Statendam; for instance the wonderful Pinnacle Grill – one of the most elegant restaurants on board any cruise line. Riedel glasses and Frette linens complement the fine food (including their wonderful Sterling Silver Beef).

Also highlighted in this episode is a behind-the-scenes look at the Medical Center that’s on board every cruise ship, big or small. You may not ever visit the Medical Center, but it’s there if you need it.

All cruise ships are like a little city; sometimes things go wrong (just ask Carnival, who has had more than their share of problems of late). The true measure of a cruise line is how the staff reacts and takes care of the problem. The fire sprinkler system sprung a leak on this voyage, but the quick action of the crew made this truly a non-event. Well done, Holland America!

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