Celebrity Equinox: Transatlantic, 11-2012 EPISODE ONE – Cruise Cardinal

The Cruise Cardinal is on board the Celebrity Equinox leaving Rome (Civitavecchia) in late November 2012. He’s going to be arriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) in mid-December 2012.

The ship is just amazing. It’s huge, but with a capacity of 2,850 passengers and 1,200 crew, it needs to be huge. Because it’s so big – over 1,000 feet long – one doesn’t really get a sense of overcrowding.

The lobby area inside the ship extends almost the entire height of the ship (at least ten stories high). The lobby has a giant ficus tree in a planter that is supported over the lobby floor. It’s quite impressive.

The Cardinal stayed this time in an Aqua Class stateroom. Aqua Class is a step above the Concierge Class staterooms, and most of Aqua Class is also physically separated one floor above the Concierge Class stateroom floor.

Thanks for watching; the Cruise Cardinal will have many more short video cruise reviews coming soon!

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