Celebrity Infinity: Transatlantic, 10-2013 EPISODE ONE – Cruise Cardinal

The Cruise Cardinal is back, now cruising on the Celebrity Infinity, leaving Harwich UK (east of London) in late October 2013, bound for Miami, Florida (USA) in early November 2013.

Celebrity Infinity Episode 1 takes you into an Aqua Class cabin, into the specialty restaurant Blu (which is free for Aqua Class travelers), and into the iLounge computer area. And a treat: while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we were treated to a solar eclipse! The eclipse (note this is the name of another Celebrity ship – coincidence?) wasn’t quite total, but it was very close. The Cardinal got some good photos of the eclipse!


Celebrity Infinity: Transatlantic, 10-2013 EPISODE ONE – Cruise Cardinal — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Cruise Cardinal.
    It was nice meeting your friends at the Wine Connoisseur dinner in the SS United States Restaurant. Sorry, I can’t remember their names, but I was sitting at your man person’s right. My name is Ken and my wife is Pam. Thanks them also for the funny2.com pen. I have enjoyed reading through the jokes and photos. Very funny!! We really enjoyed our crossing, especially the sea days.
    Perhaps our paths will cross again some day. Any cruises in your future?

    Thanks for posting the video.

    Ken Sherman
    Lake Villa, IL

    Yes, we’re going on another Transatlantic cruise this fall, but I can’t tell you which one because we need to stay somewhat anonymous. HA! Hard to stay anonymous when you’re just under seven feet tall in a bright red cardinal head. Anyway, it was great to meet you – keep smiling! CC

  2. Hi Cardinal
    How was the crossing this leaving earlier in the month
    Did you like the M-class ship better the S-class
    Did the Equinox again this fall, the seas were a smooth this year 🙂

    Hey, Mark! Great to hear from you. I see you’re haunting the Cruise Critic forums! Anyway, you know by now where we’re going next. We both prefer the larger Solstice class, but the Millennium class ships are just fine as well. Celebrity does everything well. CC

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