Shore Excursion: Ketchikan / Juneau (Alaska, USA) – Cruise Cardinal

Cruise Cardinal is in port at Ketchikan, Alaska AND Juneau, Alaska. He’s on the Golden Princess in June 2013. Ketchikan is the closest city to the Mainland USA, and the first stop on the Golden Princess Inside Passage Alaska run.

In Ketchikan, many people visit the Totem Pole and Lumberjack show. Cruise Cardinal ventured out into the rain to do a bit of souvenir shopping – and found something interesting!

Next, in Juneau, Cruise Cardinal took a bus to the Mendenhall Glacier and then took a little hike to see Nugget Falls – which means he saw the glacier up close! Nature fans will have to do this hike – it’s well worth it, even in the rain!

Between Ketchikan and Juneau, the bird considers going into one of the many pools on board the Golden Princess, but thinks better of it! You’ll see why!

The Cruise Cardinal always thanks you for watching; please watch more of our more cruise reviews! Later this year he’ll be taking another one! Can’t tell you where because don’t want to blow his cover!

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