Golden Princess: Alaska, 6-2013 EPISODE THREE – Cruise Cardinal

And now here is episode 3 of the Cruise Cardinal’s Golden Princess cruise. Seattle to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska and back to Seattle on a 7-day turnaround. This cruise took place in early June, 2013. This episode highlights the main dining rooms (there are three of them, we highlight the Canaletto Dining Room).

Also in this episode, that saucy bird offers up a few tips – specifically, if you’re going on an Alaska cruise, you should buy a bouquet of flowers when in the home port of Seattle – you can get quite the arrangement and it’ll brighten up the cabin all week. The arrangement shown in the video only cost $10!

When going on any cruise, you should also bring along a few magnets. The walls of your cabin will be steel, and the magnets can hold up important paperwork for easy viewing. The daily/weekly schedule is never lost if it’s on the wall and you pass it several times a day!

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