Holland America Statendam: Panama Canal, 3-2013 EPISODE ONE – Cruise Cardinal

The Cruise Cardinal is now cruising onboard the Holland America Statendam, leaving San Diego (California USA) in early March 2013, arriving in Fort Lauderdale (Florida USA) in mid-March, and then turning around to go back to San Diego, arriving back in San Diego 28 days later.

This 28 day cruise highlights not one but TWO trips through the Panama Canal – one eastbound and one westbound. This episode shows the Panama Canal in detail; a basic primer of how the canal works, the toll charge and the fact that the Panama Canal has been in operation for almost 100 years – while technology changes rapidly around it, this marvel has been working pretty much flawlessly for a century!

Please note that (just like humans), Cardinals come in all different sizes and ages!


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