Celebrity Equinox: Transatlantic, 11-2012 EPISODE FOUR – Cruise Cardinal

The Cruise Cardinal is again on board the Celebrity Equinox, leaving Rome (Civitavecchia) in late November 2012, arriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) in mid-December 2012.

Episode 4 highlights what happens if the weather turns nasty. And on this transatlantic voyage, there was one day (between Toulon, France and Barcelona, Spain) that indeed the weather turned VERY nasty. But the captain was able to route the ship away from the most of the weather, and we missed the bulk of the hurricane force winds. Yes, you read that right – hurricane force winds. At times the winds were between 90 and 100 mph. The Equinox sailed through 45 foot seas for a brief period.

At least one big window broke when a lifeboat broke loose from its moorings and crashed into the Silk Harvest restaurant; dozens of exterior glass partitions between cabins were shattered in the winds. The extent of the Cruise Cardinal’s damage was the pitcher of iced tea in the room (along with all the glasses) scooted off the counter on top of the dresser and onto the floor, breaking into dangerous shards. Thanks to the crew of the Equinox (including room steward Kipni and his assistant Subari), everything was cleaned up and replaced quickly!

Bad weather is something that doesn’t last long, luckily. When we arrived in Barcelona, it was a beautiful day; the crew of the Equinox cleaned the ship up 100% while we were in port, and when we returned to the ship it was like nothing had happened the previous day. All the glass was repaired and replaced in record time. And we heard from the crew that this storm we went through was the worst they had seen.

And no, this isn’t a review of the Carnival Triumph. The Cruise Cardinal wasn’t on that ship!

As always, thanks for watching; please come back again soon to view other cruise review videos!

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