Celebrity Equinox: Transatlantic, 11-2012 EPISODE FIVE – Cruise Cardinal

The Cruise Cardinal is once again cruising on the Celebrity Equinox, leaving Rome (Civitavecchia) in late November 2012, arriving in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA) in mid-December 2012.

Episode 5 is 50% longer than the other episodes so far because the Cardinal’s visit to the Martini Bar was for the most part too good to edit heavily! Bartender Hector Arias, from Argentina, puts on quite a show while making a “flight” of six martinis.

Please notice the bar itself is covered with ice; it’s a frozen surface which really adds to the glamour and fun. While normal martinis can cost $10 and up, a flight of martinis is (in late 2012) only $15, and that’s for SIX pretty good size martinis. And these martinis are full-strength!

Of course Hector deserves a nice tip (and yes, he got one) for this spectacular show. We’ve left some of the ambient noise in this clip as you need to not only SEE this event, you need to HEAR it.

Hector was a true gentleman, and a great showman. The Cruise Cardinal is going back to the Martini Bar often during his next cruises on Solstice class ships. You shouldn’t miss this show – it rivals anything you’ll see in the main showroom!


Celebrity Equinox: Transatlantic, 11-2012 EPISODE FIVE – Cruise Cardinal — 1 Comment

  1. I feel honoured with this video!!!!It’s a lot of fun!!!…Soon I’ll join to the Reflection, are you coming Cardinal?!?!?!

    Hector Arias

    Hector, you da MAN! CC

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